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Experience the Many Benefits of Cupping

Cupping in Mesa

Cupping is a traditional healing modality in which plastic or glass cups are attached to the skin, creating a suction or vacuum. The suction created by the cups pulls on the skin and helps to create blood flow between the muscle and fascia layer in the body, which is fantastic for relieving muscular pain. 


In Chinese medicine theory, we view pain as a type of “stagnation”, meaning things in the body aren’t flowing the way they should be. This stagnation then accumulates in the muscles and tissues and causes all sorts of pain, tension and stiffness. Cupping works to relieve this stagnation and also helps to increase lymphatic flow and resolve toxins in the body.

What Are Those Circular Cupping Marks?

If you’ve ever seen those big circular “bruise-like” marks on the backs of U.S. olympic swimmers, then you’ve seen what effective cupping can do. If there are areas of the body in which pain is intense or chronic, there is often an accumulation of stagnant blood and toxins under the skin. When cupping therapy is used on an area of the body that has been in this kind of pain, the suction from the cups will pull that stagnation right out and leave those marks on the skin. It is quite literally a visual representation of the stagnation that has been causing pain being released so the body can then heal and feel better.


If there isn’t much stagnation, cupping will not leave dark marks. Generally, the darker the marks, the more stagnation there is. But it’s important to note that cupping marks are not bruises, nor are they painful like bruises. Marks typically fade after a couple of days to a week, but the relief felt after a cupping session is often instantaneous.

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