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Live in Harmony with Your Environment

Learn How to Make Your Surroundings Benefit Your Health and Well Being

At Path of Wellness, we really stress the importance of living in balance with your environment. Modern society has grown out of touch with the natural world and this has been to our detriment. We teach our patients to get back in touch with nature and learn how to live more in harmony with the environment in general.


We will work with you to clean up your physical environment so that you are drinking cleaner water, breathing fresher air and eating healthier foods, as well as being exposed to fewer EMFs (electromagnetic fields). We have found that making changes in these areas of your life can have a dramatic impact on your overall health and wellness.


We also help you to be more aware of the seasons and moon cycles as these factors can also greatly affect your health but are often overlooked as sources of physical and emotional distress. 


Ready to Live More in Harmony With Your Environment? Contact Us Today!

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