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Experience the Many Healing Modalities of Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine in Mesa

Chinese medicine is an ancient system of medicine that has withstood the test of time and can be used to treat many different health issues, from minor aches and pains to chronic autoimmune issues to acute infections.


Since Chinese medicine is a system of medicine, it incorporates several different modalities that can all be used to help heal the body naturally. The most well-known modality of Chinese medicine is acupuncture, but these are some of the other methods used in this ancient system of medicine:

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is a highly effective form of treatment for many ailments, but it is particularly effective at treating internal disorders such as chronic fatigue and digestive distress. When a patient is given the correct herbal formula, profound relief can be achieved. We source our herbal medicine from companies that use high quality herbs, ethically sourced and with Good Manufacturing Processes. 

Moxibustion and Heat Therapy

Moxa is mugwort herb that is then rolled into a cigar-like stick and lit on fire until it smoulders. The heat from the moxa stick is then used to promote warmth and circulation to certain parts of the body to achieve healing. Moxa is fantastic for aches and pains that feel worse in cold weather, menstrual cramping and can even be used to turn breech babies!

Guasha Therapy


Guasha is a technique similar to cupping therapy, in that it creates a vacuum on the skin that helps to relieve stagnation and increase blood and lymphatic flow. The difference is that instead of using cups, guasha utilizes flat edged, rounded tools to “scrape” the skin and create the vacuum. Guasha is a great alternative to cupping in areas of the body where cups simply won’t stick and allows the practitioner more control in the amount of pressure that is used. Like cupping, guasha can also leave a mark when there is stagnation present, but it generally provides instant relief from pain and muscular tension.


Literally translated to “life energy”, QiGong is a system of exercise, breathing and meditation that is used to reduce stress, stay centered and healthy. There are many different systems of QiGong, but they all work the same way. At Path of Wellness, we love Qigong and practice it almost daily. We teach our patients the basics of QiGong in order to help improve focus, reduce stress and stay centered in a busy world. 

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