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The Premier Spot in Mesa for Parents and Babies to Heal Together

Bond with Your Child Through Acupuncture!

Mommy (and daddy/partner) and me acupuncture treatments are our signature treatments at Path of Wellness. It’s a wonderful and unique way to connect and bond with your new addition and to share natural health and wellness together. 

In our experience, we have found that whenever a young baby has a health ailment (such as colic, reflux or sleep issues, for example), the best way to go about treating the baby is to treat the mom (or dad/partner, whoever the main caretaker is). Newborn babies are incredibly sensitive to their environments and are deeply affected by the health and wellbeing of their caretakers. By treating the caretaker, we effectively treat the baby as well.

How Does It Work?

Mommy/daddy and me acupuncture treatments are simple. We set up a large zero gravity chair, you get comfy in it and hold onto your baby (moms are more than welcome to nurse their baby if they so choose). Mom or dad then receives acupuncture on the baby’s behalf. We select acupuncture points on the head, ears and legs to leave your arms free so you can safely hold your baby during treatment.

As the acupuncture kicks in and starts to release endorphins and decrease cortisol levels in the parent, a deep sense of relaxation will wash over both the parent and the baby. This can promote bonding and healing between parent and baby and is overall a lovely experience to share. 

After your treatment, we can then teach you some basic pediatric massage techniques to further help your baby and continue the bonding experience at home. 

This treatment is best for non-mobile babies, ages 0-3 months old. For parents who wish to get treatment for their babies without receiving acupuncture themselves, we also do pediatric-only treaments.

Curious to Learn More About This Unique Acupuncture Experience?

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