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What to Expect During Your Acupuncture Treatment at Our Mesa Office

Initial Adult Acupuncture Appointments

Before you come in to the clinic, we will email you an intake and consent form that you can fill out online. Please try to have these completed before your first appointment.


When you arrive to the office, we will go over your intake form and do a very thorough health history case study. This allows us to get an overall picture for you and what is going on with you individually. As part of Chinese medicine diagnosis, we will ask to look at your tongue and feel the pulses in both of your wrists.


We will then give you an acupuncture treatment after which you will rest for about 25-30 minutes on our massage table. We also have zero gravity chairs you may rest in if that is more comfortable for you. Most people get very relaxed during their treatment and may even doze off!


Once your acupuncture treatment is complete, if we think you will benefit from any additional modalities (cupping, guasha, etc) they will be performed at this time. We will give you a custom treatment plan and may prescribe Chinese herbal medicine, dietary or lifestyle changes if we think it will be of benefit to your healing.


Please allow for approximately 75 minutes for the entirety of your initial visit.


Initial Pediatric Treatments


Our pediatric visits are similar in structure to our adult visits, with a few differences. First and foremost, we have both an online intake form as well as paper intake form that can be downloaded/printed and filled out prior to your child’s first session. For children ages 6 and up, we also have you fill out a Chinese 5 element assessment to determine what element is most dominant for your child (this greatly helps us come up with the best treatment plan).


When you and your child arrive to the office, we will go over your child’s health history and do a very detailed case study. Depending on the age of your child, either you, the parent will answer all questions or if your child is older, we may ask for information from both of you.


We will do a tongue and pulse assessment (for kids ages 6 and up) and perform the treatment once we have come up with a Chinese medicine diagnosis. For children we offer a variety of different treatment options, including acupuncture, laser acupuncture, pediatric tuina, and more. We will always offer acupuncture first and will demonstrate to your child how easy it is, but if they are not comfortable with the procedure we will respect their wishes and will use a non-needle modality instead (please see our 'acupuncture for kids' page for more information).


We will then give you and your child a treatment plan along with any suggestions for dietary or lifestyle changes.


Please allow for 60-75 minutes for this initial session.


Preparing for Your First Visit


  • Please have all intake and consent forms filled out prior to arriving at the office

  • Make sure that you (or your child if it’s a pediatric visit) have had a solid meal 2-3 hours prior to treatment and are well hydrated

  • Please wear loose fitting clothing so that we can easily access elbows and knees


For more information, please see our FAQ page, and if you don’t see your question answered, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.


Adult and Pediatric Follow up Sessions


For follow up sessions, we will check in to see how you are doing and how you’re responding to treatment. We will quickly check your tongue and pulses again and will perform treatment based on how you are doing that day.

Please allow for 30 minutes for pediatric follow up visits and 45-60 minutes for adult follow up visits.

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