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Virtual Acupuncture Sessions and Herbal Consultations

Get the HealthCare You Need Without Coming in Person

Sometimes you need assistance with your health but can't always make it into the office. Or perhaps you don't live close by. Or perhaps a global pandemic like Coronavirus happens and we all get stuck at home.

Regardless of why, just because you can't make it in for an acupuncture session doesn't mean that your pain or stress magically goes away. You still need access to healthcare, and that's exactly what virtual acupuncture and herbal consultations are for. 


How Virtual Acupuncture Works

We meet up with you virtually through Zoom and do our typical Chinese medicine intake and go through your health history. If you are doing a full virtual acupuncture session, we will provide you with diet and lifestyle tips, prescribe Chinese herbal medicine as needed as well as any other supplements. We will then help you find acupuncture points on yourself so that you may administer self-acupressure to stimulate these points to elicit your natural healing response.

We are also in the process of beta-testing a brand new product (LifeWave patches) that can be used to very effectively stimulate acupressure points. When you sign up for a distance/virtual acupuncture session, we will provide you with some of these patches (we will mail it to you*), so that you may apply them and use them as we instruct you. 

*While supplies last. Once we are through with our beta test of LifeWave patches, we will then send you a link to purchase some on your own.

Virtual Acupuncture Session for New Patients: $85

Follow-up Patients: $65

Herbal Consultations


For those who are interested in receiving customized Chinese herbal medicine only, we offer virtual herbal consultations as well. No diet, lifestyle, supplements or acupressure points are assigned in these sessions. You will be provided with a prescription for a Chinese herbal formula only.


Herbal Consultation for New Patients: $65

Follow-up Patients: $45 

Ready to Book Your Virtual Healthcare Session? Contact Us Today!

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