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All About Path of Wellness

Acupuncture and Healing Arts

Our Mission and Philosophy for Your Care

Our mission is to empower you and your family with the tools, support and expertise you need to experience optimal health. This means freedom from anxiety and depression, chronic illness and low immunity, pain, allergies, asthma and more. We believe that everybody deserves to feel their best, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and we work with you in partnership to achieve your dream of feeling great. We also believe that:

Path of Wellness acupuncture treatment in Mesa, AZ
Path of Wellness acupuncture treatment in Mesa, AZ provides treatment for anxiety and depression

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We work with you to resolve your pressing symptoms, then look forward to keeping you well so you can prevent future health problems. 

You should leave your session with us feeling less tension, less anxiety and ready to rock your day. This is what natural wellness looks like: actually feeling better and more empowered after treatment.

Path of Wellness acupuncture in Mesa, AZ provides a custom treatment plan

You are an individual with your own needs and you deserve a personalized approach to your health care. We do not believe in a one-size-all approach to health and work with you to develop a customized plan for the best possible outcome.

Path of Wellness acupuncture treatment in Mesa, AZ

You have the right to full informed consent with your care and treatment. We take the time to hear you out, address all of your concerns and explain to you our thinking and what and how we plan on getting you relief from your ailments. All questions are more than welcome!

Path of Wellness acupuncture treatment in Mesa, AZ

Acupuncture should be as comfortable and pain-free as possible. We’re not crazy about needles either, but acupuncture needles are nothing compared to the syringes used in shots and blood draws. We undergo extensive clinical training in needle technique and proper clean needle protocols. Combine our training with years of experience and thousands of patient visits, and we are very well practiced in the art of painless needling. In fact, most patients get so relaxed they fall right asleep on the table during their treatment! Don’t worry, you’re in good hands.

Meet Your Acupuncturist

Nicole Berrios

MSOM (Master of Science in Oriental Medicine)

Dipl. Acu. (NCCAOM Nationally Certified)

 L.Ac. (Arizona Licensed Acupuncturist) 

Certified Shamanic Practitioner


Nicole Berrios is the founder of Path of Wellness Acupuncture and Healing Arts, which came to be in 2017. She is an Arizona state licensed and nationally certified acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist and certified shamanic practitioner. 



Nicole became passionate about acupuncture after a series of debilitating anxiety attacks landed her in the E.R. in her early twenties. Looking for a better solution than taking Xanax indefinitely, she tried acupuncture out of desperation and discovered that it allowed her to manage her anxiety naturally and with no side effects. This event sparked the fire that led to her journey through acupuncture school and eventually professional licensure.


Nicole Berrios, owner of Path of Wellness acupuncture treatment in Mesa, AZ.

Beginning in 2009, Nicole went on to receive her training in acupuncture and oriental medicine from both Yo San University in Los Angeles and the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture, where she graduated.  Her education included over 3000 hours of master’s level training, with a rigorous clinical internship and two clinical externships: one at the Southwest Center for HIV and the other at the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Longhua Hospital in Shanghai, China. She holds master’s degrees in both acupuncture and oriental medicine and has been licensed, nationally certified and insured since June of 2014.

Nicole has performed community style acupuncture for a big chunk of her career, and as such has been able to give thousands of treatments since 2014. This has allowed her to refine her technique, while gaining tons of experience in treating a vast variety of ailments and people from all walks of life. It was through this experience that she discovered she really enjoyed working with children in particular.


Nicole Berrios, owner of Path of Wellness acupuncture treatment in Mesa, AZ

Nicole always thought it was so cool when parents would bring their kids in for acupuncture treatments, as it exposed them at an early age to alternative medicine and the world of natural healing. After seeing how effective acupuncture was at treating babies, children and teenagers, she decided to further enhance her skill set with this particular demographic by completing continuing education courses in  pediatric acupuncture and how to treat children with autism and ADHD.


Nicole loves helping both her adult and pediatric patients get relief from ailments such as allergies and asthma, chronic low immunity, anxiety, pain and insomnia.


In addition to treating children, she is particularly fond of working with overwhelmed moms and dads to help them relieve their anxiety, tension and other physical and emotional ailments so they can be their best selves for both themselves and their children. As a new mom herself, Nicole completely understands the necessity of self care and the importance of setting a positive example for prioritizing this, and works with her patients so they may achieve this as well.​

She sees every patient as a whole person and works in partnership with each individual to get to the root cause of whatever disharmony is showing up. She loves working with families to help both adults and children alike get healthy, feel empowered and walk their own personal path of wellness.


In her free time, Nicole can be found enjoying nature, watching professional wrestling with her hubby and doing silly dances with her daughter (who has been receiving acupuncture since she was 2 weeks old!). 

She hopes to help empower you to be your best self and walk your personal path of wellness in her Mesa area acupuncture, Chinese medicine and shamanic practice.

Path of Wellness acupuncture treatment for kids in Mesa, AZ

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