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Holistic Treatments Designed to Help Teen Girls Feel Their Best

Do you have a teenage daughter who is struggling with menstrual issues? Perhaps she has been having painful or irregular periods, or struggling with hormonal acne breakouts or strong emotional symptoms around her cycle. These symptoms can be very bothersome to a teen girl and can impact her life. Parents may struggle to watch their daughters suffer and will often take her to a doctor to see what can be done. 


The problem however, is that if you take a teenage girl who is having these symptoms to a medical doctor, the chances are very high that they will prescribe her birth control pills to “regulate” her cycle. While birth control pills CAN help to make the bothersome symptoms go away, they don’t actually “regulate” anything. 


The way birth control pills work is by introducing hormones into the body and tricking it into thinking that it is pregnant. When the body thinks it is pregnant when it is not, it will stop ovulating and releasing its natural hormones that are involved in a healthy reproductive cycle. So while this suppression of natural hormones may make the symptoms feel better, it isn’t actually resolving anything or getting to the underlying cause of the menstrual symptoms in the first place.

The Downside of Going on Birth Control in the Teen Years


In fact, there are many downsides to taking hormonal birth control such as:


  • Bloating

  • Fatigue

  • Breast tenderness

  • Mood swings

  • Headache

  • Nausea

  • Weight gain

  • And in long term use, can increase your risk of developing hypothyroidism and other endocrine issues. 

  • Long term use of birth control can also cause potential fertility issues. 


And if a teenage girl starts to take birth control when she is young and continues taking it for years, she is much more likely to experience the negative side effects of artificial hormonal intervention.

Fortunately, There is a Natural Solution with our Healthy Teen's Cycles Acupuncture Packages 

All of this could be avoided if a teen understands how her cycle is supposed to work naturally and has support to help her get to the root cause of her uncomfortable symptoms to truly regulate her cycle, not just cover it up with a bandaid. 


At Path of Wellness, we are very passionate about keeping young girls off of birth control who don’t actually need it for cycle regulation. We are also very passionate about teaching girls about their own bodies so they fully understand what is happening to them every month. 


We are all about empowering young girls with knowledge to understand themselves, how they work and how hormones are supposed to fluctuate throughout the month.

Our healthy teen’s cycles acupuncture package is part personalized treatment and part education, all with the end goal of getting your teen to have much fewer symptoms with their period so that they can feel their best all throughout the month. 

How We Can Help Regulate Your Teen's Menstrual Cycle
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Hormonal Balance with Acupuncture and Herbs

Gynecology in Chinese medicine is very complex and highly individualized. Because of this, it offers answers and solutions to the hormonal problems most teen girls experience. We will utilize acupuncture and herbal medicine to truly regulate your teen's cycle and alleviate bothersome symptoms. 


Education About How the Cycle Actually Works

There are four parts to a complete menstrual cycle, with hormonal changes that happen at certain times of the cycle. We will teach your teen all about her natural cycle, how her body temperature changes, and how she can track her cycle every month. Empowering your teen (and you!) with this knowledge is life changing!


Dietary and Lifestyle Advice

Did you know that the food you eat and what your body is exposed to can make a huge impact on hormones and menstruation? We will have your teen keep a food and lifestyle log and give advice on what changes can be made to help her cycles become more regulated. This set your teen up for a healthy future for the long term.

Teen's Healthy Cycle Acupuncture Package Details

The Teen’s Healthy Cycles package includes 6 acupuncture sessions, education and herbs (cost of herbs not included in package price). We will see your teen for treatment in our office twice a month for three months, or three cycles. Her treatments will be tailored to her individual constitution so that it is designed for her specifically. This will get to the root of her symptoms and get her to start having normal and healthy periods in no time.


We will also provide pre-recorded video lessons and tons of handouts on how a natural and healthy cycle should look, the hormones involved, how to track the cycle, a BBT thermometer and more. 

Ready to Help Your Teen Feel Her Best?

Let's get you scheduled for a FREE discovery consultation to discuss whether or not the Teen's Healthy Cycle package is right for your teen. Click below to get started today!

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