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 Shamanic Acupuncture: Journey to Transformation and Wholeness

Healing at the Spirit Level

Here at Path of Wellness Healing Arts, your practitioner is both a licensed acupuncturist and a shamanic practitioner. She has blended these two different modalities to create our signature healing service: shamanic acupuncture. 

Shamanic acupuncture can provide deep, transformational and lasting healing. It is a service that can tap into the root of most ailments to help a person not only heal, but to also become deeply empowered, mentally strong and better able to cope with the stressors of modern life.  

Who Can Benefit from Shamanic Acupuncture?

Shamanic healing is healing done at the soul level. When people think of healing, we often think of healing our physical bodies or perhaps our mental or emotional wellbeing. But there is another level to healing that goes deeper than all of that, and that is healing at the spirit, or soul level. But how do you know if you NEED soul level healing?

If you've ever experienced any of the following, chances are very likely you would benefit from soul healing:

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Mental illness (anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, etc)

  • Unexplained health issues (all lab/medical tests come back negative)

  • Addictions

  • A general sense of just not feeling well or right,

  • Physical health issues that just won't go away, even with treatment

  • A feeling of identity crisis

  • A sense of feeling as if a piece of you is missing

How Shamanic Acupuncture Can Help You Heal and Reclaim Your Power

When you receive a shamanic acupuncture session, the process follows a basic formula, although every single session is going to be different. Because shamanic healing is spirit healing and your practitioner works with her spirit team on your behalf, we never know exactly what is going to come up until that exact moment. This is why we begin each session with acupuncture first, in order to relax the body and prepare it to receive whatever spiritual healing comes through from the shamanic piece.

Once the needles are in and you are comfortable, your practitioner then does a shamanic journey on your behalf, energetically scanning your body (it looks like reiki), reporting back her findings and doing whatever healing needs to come through in that moment. There may be drumming, rattling, chanting, salt shaking, water splashing, herb burning, calling in deities or ancestors, or any number of other "weird" things that happen during a shamanic acupuncture session, so it is important to keep an open mind. 

Flying eagles in the mountains


Acupuncture to Calm the Body and Mind

Acupuncture in and of itself is a fabulous tool to calm the mind and heal the body. This is a very important first step as it allows the body to relax and to be open to receiving the spiritual healing that comes through with the shamanic piece.


Shamanic Healing to Remove Spirit Ailments

The first part of shamanic healing almost always involves removing spiritual ailments that do not belong on a person. This is called an extraction as we "extract" spiritual and energetic entities that are negatively impacting a person's life.


Shamanic Healing to Power You Up

Once a spiritual ailment has been extracted from a person, it creates a void. Whenever there is a void, it will always be filled back up by something, so we intentionally fill this void with power. Typically this comes in the form of a power animal or a soul retrieval.

Available Packages for Shamanic Acupuncture

There are several different options for you to try shamanic acupuncture. We offer a couple different package options as well as a single session option. Please note that shamanic acupuncture is for in person at our Mesa, Arizona office only. 

Ready to See if Shamanic Acupuncture is Right for You?

We offer totally free discovery consultations to discuss whether or not our services are a good fit for you. Ready to give it a go? Give us a ring!

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